TSP Cube Set Core Bits

Cube set core bits (sometimes called “Geocube” core bits) are manufactured in much the same way as surface set diamond core bits, but the natural diamond stones are replaced by cube-shaped thermally stable polycrystalline (TSP) cutters, with a V shaped cutting profile.

Unlike natural diamonds these cubes do not flatten and remain sharp throughout the life of the bit. The bits are extremely tough and have excellent wear resistance.

Shear is the mechanism by which these bits cut the formation being drilled. In softer formations, TSP bits are capable of high rates of penetration when compared with surface-set diamond bits due to their higher degree of cutter exposure.

Recommended for coring soft to medium hard, abrasive and fragmented formations, giving a high percentage core recovery even where there are rapid changes in formation hardness. The cutters are stable at high temperature and are therefore suitable for air flush drilling, as well as water, mud and foam.


  • Unlike surface set bits the cutting elements remain sharp throughout the life of the bit
  • Faster penetration than impregnated or surface set bits
  • Good for coring broken and abrasive rock formations
  • Due to high thermal stability can be used with air as flushing medium