Reaming Shells

Reaming shells are usually situated just behind the core bit and serve two very important purposes.

The reaming shell maintains a constant and correct hole diameter, and also stabilizes the core barrel during the drilling operation,  preventing vibration and hole deviation. This stabilization helps in core recovery and avoids premature wear on the outer tube of the core barrel.

The outside diameter of the reaming shell is fractionally larger than the outside diameter of the core bit. It is important to make occasional checks on the outside diameter of the reaming shell.  If the hole becomes undersized due to excessive wear on both core bit and reaming shell, when the bit is eventually replaced, the new bit will become quickly damaged by reaming out an undersized hole.

Reaming shells are available in two types.  Tungsten carbide (TC) reaming shells are for use in soil, clay and soft rocks. Diamond reaming shells are used in harder rocks. Diamond reaming shells consist of premium grade natural diamonds set into spiral panels on the outside diameter of the shell.

Technical Data:

Please refer to Dimensional Data tables for available sizes

Technical Standards:

Manufactured in accordance with the following International Standards:

ISO 3552-1: 1992 Rotary core diamond drilling equipment, System B, Metric units

ISO 3551-2:1992 (BS 4019-4:1993) Rotary core drilling equipment, Specification for System A, Inch units

ISO 10097-2:1999 (R07) Wireline diamond core drilling equipment. System A. Inch units