Open Hole Drilling

Very good quality drill bits are supplied in several different types suitable for different ground conditions and applications. All bits are designed to optimize performance and give long service life.

  • Drag Bits: Chevron-type and Step-type with Tungsten Carbide blades brazed onto the wings, for drilling in soft and loose formations.
  • Bicone / Tricone Roller Bits with Open Bearing: Steel Tooth and Tungsten Carbide Insert types for drilling a range of formations from soft to very hard.
  • Tricone Roller Bits with Sealed Bearing: For a variety of applications in which bearing life is the limiting factor on bit performance.
  • Reverse Circulation Tricone Bit: Available with Open or Sealed Bearing and most frequently used in mining and mineral exploration.
  • Twister: Steel body bit with Tungsten Carbide Inserts for milling cement, composite and cast iron plugs.
  • PDC Drill Bits: Polycrystalline diamond cutters are set into a tungsten carbide matrix body, giving very fast penetration and long life in soft to medium-hard formations.