Mazier Core Barrel

The automatic Mazier core barrel is designed for obtaining undisturbed core samples in very soft soils.

This core barrel has a spring-loaded inner tube assembly. When drilling in soft formations, the core lifter case protrudes up to 50mm in front of the bit, and acts as a cutting shoe. The soft core is protected from the water flush (see Figure a).

When coring in harder materials, the spring loaded inner tube comes under pressure and the inner tube
retracts, so now the core lifter case assumes a normal position (see Figure b).

A  PVC coreliner is used inside the inner tube to retain the core, and a “basket” catcher can be used to prevent soft materials from slipping out.

This type of core barrel is used widely in some parts of Europe and Australasia and is reported to give 100% recovery in soft formations, such as sands, silts and marls.

It is available in 101mm hole diameter (74mm core) and can be used in conjunction with T2-101 and T6-101 core barrels which are more suited for hard rocks.

The 74 mm diameter core obtained with the mazier is compatible with the commonly used laboratory triaxial testing apparatus.


  • Undisturbed core samples from soft soil 0.1MPa
  • Nil wall coefficient
Mazier retractor mechanism in operation
Technical Data
SpecificationCore Barrel Type
Mazier 101
Hole Diameter (mm)101.0
Core Diameter (mm)74.0
Hole Area (cm2)80.2
Core Area (cm2)43.0
Thread Connection in HeadNW
Recommended CasingM116

*Cross-over sub required for drill rods not matching the thread connection in core barrel head

Key to Main Parts of Mazier Core Barrel Assembly

Complete core barrel consists of:

1. Core Barrel Head

2.  Outer Tube 1.0m

3. Inner Tube 1.0m

4. PVC Coreliner

5. Basket Core Lifter

6. Cutting Shoe

7. T.C. Core Bit