Impregnated Core Bits

Manufactured with very small, high quality synthetic diamonds mixed evenly through a metal matrix. The matrix hardness is chosen to suit the rock formation, so that it wears evenly throughout the life of the bit, exposing new sharp diamonds.

Global Geotech supplied two different ranges of impregnated core bits, for different  applications. Both types incorporate the latest high technology matrix – the subject of a worldwide patent – developed by our partner, Diaset Products in Canada.

Ultra Terra Precision Impregnated Core Bits

Ultra Terra core bits are very long-life premium quality products with applications in mineral exploration core drilling. The proprietary metallurgical matrix is designed to maximize productivity while minimizing input costs.

Matrix types are designated from Series #1X through to to Series #18X. In general, a bit with a low matrix number such as #2X  should be chosen to drill a relatively soft, fractured and abrasive formation.  As the matrix number increases, the bits are intended for use in increasingly harder formations up to the highest number, Series #18X, which should be chosen to drill an ultra hard, highly consolidated, non-abrasive formation.

Click here to download the Ultra Terra Matrix Selection Chart.

Standard matrix height is 12mm, but other matrix heights up to 25mm are available on request.


  • Last longer than competing products (ultra-abrasion resistant gauges)
  • Maximize penetration rates (cut hard rock faster)
  • Require less push, resulting in a more accurate drilling
  • Precise, vibration free drilling for straighter holes
  • Less fuel consumption, rod wear and corebarrel wear
  • Better core recovery

Geotech Series Impregnated Core Bits

Geotech Series impregnated core bits are the most economical choice for short drilling (up to 700m) in geotechnical, engineering and shallow mining investigation projects. They are manufactured using the same matrix technology as in the Ultra Terra bits, but matrix height is reduced to 6.5mm.

The choice of matrix type is also much simplified. There are only two general purpose matrix types to choose from:

Matrix type #AR – for soft, abrasive, broken and fragmented rocks (equivalent to series #2X – #8X)

Matrix type #HR – for hard to very hard, non-abrasive, solid rocks (equivalent to series #9X – #12X)

All Geotech Bits come with heavy duty 6.5 mm wide waterway profile, extra-hard OD and ID gauge protection, tungsten carbide waterway protection,
6.5 mm impregnated depth, premium large diamond crystals, high diamond concentration, and titanium-coated diamonds for extra abrasion resistance.

Because of superior matrix technology, Geotech series bits will vastly outperform any other bit of similar price in terms of lifespan, accuracy and penetration rates.


  • Relatively low cost product for short holes
  • 30% softer than a competing bit (cuts hard rock faster)
  • Resists abrasion, OD and ID gauges last longer
  • Better core recovery
  • Higher diamond concentration for increased life and penetration rates
  • Lower fuel consumption and less equipment wear
  • Much lower cost per metre compared with diamond core bits imported from emerging economies
  • Simplified matrix choice reduces inventory costs

Operating Parameters

Impregnated bits are designed to work as grinding tools and must work at relatively high rotation speeds, high bit loads compared to other types of diamond bits. It is essential that impregnated bits are well-cooled by the flush to prevent premature bit failure (air flush cannot be used with impregnated bits).

Consideration should be given to the capabilities of the drilling equipment in terms of its ability to function within recommended operating parameters and also to variations in geological conditions. It may be necessary to select a harder or softer matrix type than what is recommended in the matrix selection chart in order to address drilling equipment limitations (e.g. low powered rigs).