Drive Sampling Rig

The Complete Solution for Environmental Soil Sampling and In-Situ Testing

The GEO Rig is a highly mobile mini-tracked drilling unit ideal for working inside and around the edges of buildings, low-headroom sites, slopes, embankments and areas with restricted access.

The rig takes soil samples by a percussive method known as “drive sampling”. A mechanically operated drop weight is used to drive sample tubes into the ground, and an integral hydraulic jack with 7-tonne pullback force to extract them.

The GEO is designed for use by a single operator and drilling can begin within minutes of arrival on site. The light weight of each unit ensures that site disturbance is kept to a minimum, which is especially important on environmentally sensitive sites.

Applications include:

  • Environmental sampling
  • Small-scale geotechnical works
  • Determination of piling depths
  • Location of voids and buried obstructions
  • Continuous soil sampling
  • Undisturbed sampling
  • SPT and DP Tests
  • Installation of Monitoring Wells
  • Archaeological Surveys